Worldwide Remote/Virtual Sessions

$640.00 AUD

These sessions are a chance for us to connect and create something together - no matter where in the world you're currently based. Using a camera phone and an app, I guide the process so that we're able to document you as you are right now, in a way that still feels deeply personal. I'm really thrilled with the work I've been able to make remotely - they're such a wonderful way to collaborate. 

It is helpful to have someone you feel comfortable with on hand to hold the phone and take direction (this could be a partner, sister or friend) but we can also use whatever you have on hand to secure the device. We usually spend anywhere from 1-2 hours creating the work, usually resulting in a gallery of 30+ final photographs. Fine art prints on 310gsm cotton rag can be ordered, but you are in no way bound to this; the curated gallery is yours to do with as you please (though I do love bringing these remote sessions into print, bridging that gap between the digital encounter and the physical product)

Full payment is appreciated before the shoot commences, with the ability to change dates/times if needed. I can be super flexible due to time zones, often working late into the night to catch your sunrise or sunset, depending on where you are. Your gallery will be delivered to via email when ready. 

Thank you so, so much! I can't wait to make work with you. 

Amy x

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