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Close To Me Workshop 2024

$1950.00 AUD

Close To Me

An in-depth, intimate journey into a sensitive photographic portraiture practice with Amy Woodward.

The day will consist of 4 main sections, as well us going for a bite to eat.

The Portrait Session: Before (1 Hour)

The time spent preparing and connecting before arriving at a portrait session is just as sensitive and important as the time spent after you walk through someone's door. We’ll meet nearby and go through some of the practices I use to prepare, including creating emotional safety, being aware of your own and your subject’s expectations and desired outcomes, and doing other important groundwork in the time before meeting. We'll run through any questions you might have in great detail and prepare to arrive to the session together.

The Portrait Session: Within (3 Hours)

When you walk through someone’s door you are entering a sacred space. We’ll arrive together and begin the process of getting to know the subject (mother, family…) and get curious about the environment, where to begin and how to find a slipstream where deep and meaningful collaboration can emerge. Navigating the stops and starts of a practice with babies and children, staying flexible and yet responsive to a changing environment, taking exquisite notice. We’ll experiment with film, both 35mm and medium format (with a few different film stocks available). 

Within this part we will close the session when the timing is right.

The Portrait Session: After (1 Hour)

Creating work with this much emotional investment from all parties is not light-hearted, and care needs to be taken to maintain the emotional safety and connection long after the actual shoot has concluded. The bond that you share can sometimes be very potent and people I photograph often turn into friends. After the session we’ll debrief together and address any sticking points or questions. There will be  talk about the importance of follow-ups and how to identify the potential for long form work. 

Grab a Bite to Eat (1 Hour)

Bring your portfolio if you like, we can have an informal chat about your practice so far and I'll be there to answer any questions you might have about my process and yours!

Processing Film (2 Hours)

I find developing my own film to be satisfying and thrilling. It feels deeply personal and intentional, adding another human layer to your practice - we’ll choose a roll of black & white film to develop together from the session and I will send it away for scanning. The rest of the film used during the session will be sent away for processing and scanning at my favourite lab. 

A Week or Two Later (1 Hour)

By this time you will have received your digital scans. We’ll jump on a screen sharing video call to recap and discuss the work made. If you’ve thought of any other questions to ask, this is also a good opportunity to do so.

Payment can be flexible, please message me for options, discounts or split payments. I always want to ensure these sessions are as accessible as possible.

Date TBC, likely in March or April 2024, and will be held on the Sunshine Coast.

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