I'm Amy, and I'm currently living on Gubbi Gubbi Country (Sunshine Coast). 

I'm intrigued by the quiet magnificence, fragility and ultimately the impermanence and fleeting nature of everyday life. Even more-so since giving birth to my first child, Ilias. 

Using an honest, intimate storytelling approach, I create imagery that is both deeply personal and visually arresting - work that explores the intensity, chaos and beauty of early parenthood + family life unflinching and intuitively. I work with a mix of digital, medium format and 35mm film.

I'm fiercely passionate when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, and so my work generally orbits around motherhood and the connection between mother & child, but I am always open to new projects and ideas. Please feel free to reach out if my work speaks to you.

Awards and Exhibitions

2013 People and Planet Photo Competition, Cover Prize Winner
2013 BA Photo Highest GPA scholarship Winner
2014 Two images permanently housed in 2 Girls Building, Abbotsford, VIC
2014 Nikon Award for Photographic Excellence 
2014 'Homebodies' Group Exhibition - Documentary series from Rural Kenya
2015 35ppm Group Exhibition and print-on-demand experiment, Bloom Publishing & Tinning Street
2016 CCP Salon Instagram competition sponsored by Leica - Winner
2016 'HONEST' solo exhibition and photo-book launch, Tinning Street  

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